Lego Bombing
     1) The art and act of integrating Lego sculpture into the landscape and cityscape in such a way that the piece adds to the scene. Typically, as an accent, a splash of color, or a form of commentary.
          I lego bombed the building across the street by filling in the large crack with 111 legos.
     2) The act of creating a Lego sculpture that is surreptitiously left for the intended recipient in a place where the sculpture and it's placement have meaning to the recipient(s).
          We left a 3 foot tall lego sculpture of our friend's company's logo in the lobby of their new building after they moved in.
     LB; LBing; lb; lbing; l-bombed
     1) A virtual place to record, share, and enjoy the past time of Lego Bombing.
          If a QR code brought you here, you've likely been Lego Bombed. Welcome. It's your turn now.
     2) A web based resource for learning about, preparing, and executing your own LB mission.